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It was nice to stumble across this blog about our townhouses, a great write up about a trip to Niseko. While showing that our townhouses make for great mountain living and entertaining in the spacious living dining kitchen area, the blog also gives you a great sense of the Hirafu village and the mountain and varying weather from beautiful bluebird to dumping snow, enough said, we suggest checking it out yourself on the Thiessen Twosome Blog  

A Niseko Backcountry Hike in Winter

An Autumn day hiking Chisenupuri and looking back at Niseko Annupuri and Youtei-zan with Nitonupuri in the foreground recently bought back memories of hiking in the Niseko backcountry during last winter. For the rider well knowledged in the dangers of the backcountry the Niseko area has some great hikes, ranging from shorter 2 hours hikes to full day missions.

Chisenupuri Niseko Ski Area

A little further out than Niseko Moiwa is Chisenupuri Ski Jou, a small city run ski field consisting of a hooded 2 seater. From the top of the 2 seater you can go either way back to the base. Skiers right takes you on a course through an open bowl with trees to the left and ridge to the right. If you traverse high enough you can make it onto the ridge and drop off a cornice that forms over winter, some parts get quite large for those who look.

A Day off the Mountain: A Trip to Yoichi and Nikka Whiskey

The beauty of having a car while in Niseko.

For purveyors of fine whiskey or those who want a day off the slopes and to explore a bit, a visit to Yoichi and the Nikka distillery is great and short drive. Grab a designated driver and make the drive to the small seaside town of Yoichi only about 50 minutes from Kutchan on route 5; the drive itself is interesting too, over a mountain pass with a tunnel at the top.

Niseko Moiwa for the Day

Jumping in the car is always fun, especially when going somewhere new. Today we are off to Niseko Moiwa, a short 10 minute drive around the mountain and lucky for us it is a clear morning as is often the case at sunrise for some reason. So with our bellies full from a home cooked breakfast we are off, dropping in for a take out coffee on the way through Hirafu village.

Summer Festivals in Niseko!

Niseko has become famous for its powder snow over the last few years and now it's a place that is on everybody's list of must go ski and snowboard destinations in the world.

Most people probably don't think to much about what happens here in summer though and if they came here during summer would probably not recognize it and on the reverse if you are not a snow sports enthusiast or after your first snow experience and came in summer you would find it hard to believe that the place receives 15 metres of snow every year. Yes! Niseko's contrast of seasons is just amazing.

A day in Kiroro, an evening in Otaru

If your'e planning a trip to Niseko this winter, be it your first trip or returning, you will want to fit a day in at Kiroro. Kiroro Resort is in the mountains between Niseko and Otaru and because of its position it picks up snow from the west as Niseko does and also because on the north side is the Ishikare Bay it gets storms from the north too. Meaning more snow than Niseko, making it the snowiest place in Hokkaido.

Umi no Hi: A drive to the coast in order

Monday last week as it is every year was Umi no Hi1. So being a summer day we jumped in the car and drove out to the beach. We decided to head out to the west coast as this is closest to Niseko, only being about 30 minutes to Suttsu. We jumped on route 5, which is only a few minutes from Shiki and Koyuki across the St. Moritz bridge. At the traffic lights on route 5 we turned right and then drove 30km's out through Niseko town and on to Rankoshi town.

A Round of Niseko Golf

I guess it's no secret these days that Niseko is home to some great golf courses. The season here in Niseko starts in the middle of April and goes to the end of October. In the very early golf season you can get a few turns in up the slopes of Hirafu or Annupuri before or after your game, a magical day!

Niseko Springtime Snow

For you skiers and snowboarders who love the spring snow, the slopes of Niseko Grand Hirafu and our Shiki and Koyuki accommodation is the place to be! The spring season's powder mixed with bluebird days and warmer temperatures, uncrowded ski slopes, lift lines, discounted lift passes and accommodation is very inviting.

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