Niseko has become famous for its powder snow over the last few years and now it's a place that is on everybody's list of must go ski and snowboard destinations in the world.

Most people probably don't think to much about what happens here in summer though and if they came here during summer would probably not recognize it and on the reverse if you are not a snow sports enthusiast or after your first snow experience and came in summer you would find it hard to believe that the place receives 15 metres of snow every year. Yes! Niseko's contrast of seasons is just amazing.

One thing that doesn't change that much is the fact that this is Japan and it is full of culture. Maybe in summer this might become even more apparent as even town, every community, every shrine and a lot of hotels and business associations make the most of the weather and celebrate by having a matsuri or festival.

If you come to Niseko in the height of the summer you will have the chance to join in or just observe festival after festival and parade after parade and soak up what really makes this place in summer.

If you go a little further a field on a day trip from Niseko or on you way here or away you will find an almost month long beer festival in the Odori park in Sapporo or festivals almost any where for any excuse.

Niseko has the snow in winter but in summer a more relaxed life style and cooler climate from the south of Japan and SE Asia to make it a place worth a visit. Hope to see you here in summer, festivals, close by beaches, lakes, golf ,rafting, hiking and other summer pursuits await.

Please enjoy our photos from fireworks to food stalls, all part of Niseko summer festivals!

food stalls Floats in the matsuri

Floats in the matsuri 祭りの様子 Floats in the matsuri 祭りの様子


昔ながらの祭りの様子 a festival street昔ながらの祭りの様子 a festival street


花火 fireworks or hanabi花火 fireworks or hanabi




コンサート evening concertsコンサート evening concertsconcerts