Over the last month we have been working on a logo to represent Niseko Shiki and Koyuki, so we thought that we would write about the name Shiki and Koyuki.

For those not familiar with the Japanese language you may be wondering as to what the name means. Well.. Shiki is made up of 2 kanji or chinese characters, the first one is 4 and the second means season and can be seen in the below drawing. The number 4 has 2 pronunciations, shi and yon, but in this combination it is pronounced shi. Season in Japanese is actually kisetsu and is made up of 2 kanji, ki and setsu but when combined with 4 we only need the first kanji ki and we get 4 seasons or shiki.

Koyuki is much the same, it has only 2 kanji regardless if separate or together. Ko has many meanings in Japanese but this particular kanji means small and yuki, this kanji means snow. So we can read this as small snow or light snow or powder snow that Niseko is so famous for.

The below drawing shows the kanji with a Japanese style pattern and was one of the initial logo ideas.

niseko shiki koyukiShiki at top and Koyuki at bottom, 4 seasons and powder snow

However we decided on a more luxury and modern logo that represents the 4 seasons and having a line that could represent one of your lines riding the Niseko Annupuri mountain or driving along one of Niseko's winter or summer roads in the free Toyota 4WD van that comes with the place or maybe you can see something else?

You can see the logo at the top left of the page. We hope you like our new image?

Lets us know what you think? or what you can see?

- Shiki