An Autumn day hiking Chisenupuri and looking back at Niseko Annupuri and Youtei-zan with Nitonupuri in the foreground recently bought back memories of hiking in the Niseko backcountry during last winter. For the rider well knowledged in the dangers of the backcountry the Niseko area has some great hikes, ranging from shorter 2 hours hikes to full day missions.

One hike that is a good morning or afternoon is Nitonupuri, the mountain that inspired this blog. Easily accessed from the Panorama Line , the hike is almost right in front of you when you stand at the winter road block just past Chisenupri Ski Area looking along the snow covered road. Walk along this road a few hundred metres and then right through the glades to the top. Just over the hill at the top of the glades you can see the peak of Nitonupuri in front, about the same distant again. Once you get your bearing you will be able to see the massive choice of lines down the first gladed aspect back to the snow cover Panorama Line road.

nitonupuri peakthe upper half of the hike with tracks of the peak on the left

The upper aspect also has a variety of generally treeless terrain. All in, if you just make the ascent to the peak and ride back to the road at a good pace you are looking at 2 – 2.5 hours to complete the hike.

Remember you should be well prepared and carry all the right gear. If your on holiday and feel like an interesting 2 days in the mountains with a bit of a course you could always get in touch with the guys at Hokkaido Powder Guides, they have different courses at specific times but if you like you can book them anytime, as we did last year, well worth your while.

Note* Nupuri mean mountain in Ainu language, the native people of Hokkaido.

nitonupurilower glades on the hike from the Panorama Line to the peak

backside of Niseko Annupurilooking back at the Niseko Annupuri backside from the half way point, Shiki and Koyuki are behind the mountain

niseko panorama line from chisenupuriLooking back at Nitonupuri in early Autumn